You can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs You can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos You can increase quality of sent pictures (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot) You can share music just with one click You can add contact profile pictures to their chats (Facebook Messenger style) You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures To make it more easy, it comes with a Built-in Theme Viewer and Downloader: check users themes online and apply them if you like any

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  • I get "App not installed. An existing package ..." error when updating.

    You have to uninstall the old version and then install the updated APK. If you get the SMS verification error, read (2).

  • How do I save or share themes?


    1. Go to PLUS > More (under Themes) > Save pref.
    2. Go into your SDcard, where the themes will be save in SDcard/Whatsapp/PLUS/saved_pref/


    1. Copy/Share/Upload your xml + wallaper into somewhere you can access.
    2. Share your themes here.
    3. Be sure to follow the format
      1. XML: "username+theme name" - Eg: rafalense_plus-dark.xml
        • Screenshots: (jpg or png )
        • Main/Chats: "username+theme name+_main"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_main.jpg

          Chat: "Nombre de usuario+Nombre de tema+_chat"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_chat.png

          Contacts: "username+theme name+_contactos"

          Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_contacts.jpg

      2. Wallpaper (JPG): "username+theme name+_wallpaper" - Eg: rafalense_plus-dark_wallpaper.jpg
      3. Please do not include full wallpaper, just the one saved with the xml file
      4. Everything together in a zip file and that's it

  • I want to switch rom but don't want to go through (2) again! HAAALP!!!

    Use TitaniumBackup to backup the whole app and restore APP+DATA on your new rom.



Version 5.95

  • New *Added Quick Image Share option on Chat screen (place your favourite images/emoticons in WhatsApp/Plus/IMAGES folder)
    *Added MOD 1.2.28 Hide Image Icon
    *Added MOD 1.2.11I Image Button Color
    *Max value for MOD 5.1 set to 30Mb as higher sizes are block on WhatsApp servers
    *Updated italian, dutch and brazilian language
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.88

  • Fix Fixed bug with spanish translation

Version 5.87

  • New Added option to backup full WhatsApp+ data folder (Menu>PLUS>Full WhatsApp+ Backup). During installation it will ask to restore data backup (skipping registering process)
  • Fix Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.85

  • New *Overflow menu icon (3 dots) now gets same color as actionbar icons color
    *Added MOD 1.2.0P to set profile pic a wallpaper (if profile pic exists in WhatsApp/Profile Pictures)
    *Added option to adjust image quality when sharing images (as MOD 5.2 and 5.3 do)
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.80

  • New *Temporary fix for main domain issue
    *Official widget last seen text gets MOD 7.1.4 color
    *New MOD 7.2.3 to paint WhatsApp+ widget header subtitle (status/counter) text
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.77

  • New *Problems with unread messages counters fixed
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.75

  • New *Now is possible to share more than 10 images also from mobile Gallery
    *MOD 1.2.22 set voice note play/pause color in chat screen
    *Added Plus and Status icon to official widget
    *New MOD 7.1.13 to hide Plus and Status icon in official widget
    *Fixed bug with animated emoticons
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes

Version 5.70

  • New *Removed limit of 10 items max. when sharing images
    *New MOD 1.2.25C to open device camera instead of whatsapp camera on camera button click
    *New MOD 1.2.25V to open device video camera instead of whatsapp video camera on camera button click
    *New MOD 1.2.27 to use same size for all emojis instead of normal size in chat screen
    *New colors added to MOD 6.1 Launcher icon (blue, yellow, black and white)
  • Fix*Other improvements and bux fixes